1983/2011 60 Minutes on eyewitness identification

In lab meeting today we watched a 60 Minutes by Morley Safer and Suzanne St. Pierre called "Lenell Geter's In Jail." You can watch it by clicking here. Our lab has been interested in applying principles of cognitive psychology to education for a while now, but recently we've been getting into the issue of eyewitness testimony and the relation between confidence and accuracy in memory.

This amazing segment, which runs 25 minutes or so, contains just about every classic mistake you can make when sentencing a man to prison for life. It's got a protagonist and some impressive villains. I want to share some of the details but it's really worth watching over dinner or something all the way to the end.

Actually, let's see if I can embed it here:

(Note: The embed doesn't seem to be working, sorry. Click the link up there.)

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