Get ready, it's all a big bubble

A lot of angst on the internet today: an article talking about ageism in Silicon Valley and other issues, and another talking about the traditional operations of so-called "revolutionary" media companies. I can't write about the topic as well as the professionals can, but what I can say, is: Enjoy the hype, the money, the drama while you still can, everyone. It's not going to last.

Young people today joke about daytime T.V. -- "Who watches this? What a ridiculous medium! All of it is so empty, so useless!" But every step these companies take brings them a little closer to daytime T.V. status. Eventually, humans will realize that the internet can generate an illusion of meaning that, when you look at it carefully, doesn't really mean all too much.

So I guess this message is to say: Those of you out there doing real, meaningful work, keep it up. Be genuine and do what you believe in. I might not know you, but I am proud of you for doing what you do.

I took an eight mile jog around Forest Park today while I was thinking about these issues. Technically, it's spring break here at Washington University, so I've been taking some time to enjoy the warmer weather and think about some other projects, etc. (e.g., Skulving -- more about him one of these days); it's been a nice opportunity to clear my mind.

Back to your regularly scheduled research notes soon!

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